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Do you have unwanted lumps, bumps, or rolls of fat that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you diet and exercise? Or maybe that baby fat just won’t go away even though your child’s in kindergarten already. The Spa on Par 3 in Horseshoe Bay, Texas offers 3D truSculpt® 3D body contouring, one of the latest noninvasive fat reduction treatments available. Call or make an appointment to learn more about this innovative procedure.

truSculpt 3D Body Sculpting Q & A

What is truSculpt 3D body contouring?

truSculpt® 3D uses radio frequency technology to heat fat cells, causing them to die off permanently. Each session can reduce fat in the treated area up to 24%. Unlike many other noninvasive fat-reducing technologies, truSculpt also tightens loose skin. Further, truSculpt stands out over other technologies because it usually requires only one treatment per area, whereas most other fat-reduction technologies need multiple treatments for maximum effect.

What areas of my body can truSculpt 3D treat?

truSculpt can treat almost any area that has excess fat. Parts of the body that are most commonly treated by truSculpt include:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Chin
  • Flanks or love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Back

What should I expect during a truSculpt 3D body contouring procedure?

The providers at The Spa on Par 3  will describe the procedure and answer any questions during an initial consultation. At your appointment, you will feel relaxed and comfortable as you recline on a table. They pass a handheld device over the area to be treated, delivering pulses of radio frequency energy, each pulse lasting about four minutes.

The in-office treatment is painless, with people reporting only minor discomfort, and it requires no downtime. Usually, they can treat more than one area per session. Each session lasts about an hour. You can return to work and most normal activities immediately after your treatment.

What should I expect after a truSculpt 3D procedure?

After a truSculpt 3D session, you may experience some redness, swelling, and tenderness around the treated area. These minor side effects usually disappear after a few hours. While you can return to work, you should avoid saunas and exercise so that you don’t overheat the area that’s already been warmed by the procedure.

How soon will I see results?

You can start to see results in about six weeks, with the full results noticeable after 12-16 weeks. Most people need only one treatment per area. If you would like further fat reduction, you can receive a second treatment in the same area about 12 weeks after the first. Or, you can return to have another area treated after six weeks.

Call or make an appointment online to learn more about whether truSculpt 3D can work for you.